Now more than ever, educators are looking for resources to support their teaching and learning.  Yet, there are so many educators across the web who are writing blogs and hosting podcasts - sharing their learned experiences and knowledge.  The challenge until now has been finding them.

With now over 100,000 links to open resources, educators have united and are sharing links to resources on Cube For Teachers to support and inspire like-minded educators.

Blogs and podcasts by educators are packets of knowledge bursting with ideas, resources, reflections and answers that can enhance, challenge or redirect an educator's best-practice.  

Since the start of the pandemic, Cube has had over 1.5 million page views as educators are coming to Cube to find support materials.

We are inviting educators who blog and podcast, to share their link with us so we can share it on Cube For Teachers.  As well, we will be including it in a searchable Cube Folder (The Ultimate List of Educators Who Blog/Podcast) that has been made public and open to all.  

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We invite you to include your blog site to our growing list for educators worldwide.

If you are interested, simply add a link to your site to THIS FORM.

You can also create a free Cube account and share your links directly on Cube. If you do, please let us know (through the FORM linked above) so we can promote you to our growing network comprised of thousands of educators around the world.

On behalf of all educators looking for valuable resources, we thank you - for reflecting, for communicating, for sharing.

Susan Kwiecien
Co-Founder of Cube For Teachers