The aftermath of the global pandemic has had severe implications across school districts worldwide.  As emergency funding becomes depleted, school districts are looking for cost-effective solutions to foster equity throughout their schools while continuing to improve student outcomes and well-being.

When it comes to teaching resources, districts are often looking for diversified, effective and modern resources that best support their learners.  The resources are out there but until now have been scattered across the web or have been presented to districts with large price tags.

Cube For Teachers is a free global education sharing network fostering equity for all.

CUBE unites educators across the globe to share, support, and inspire through the sharing of discovered and created open educational resources. The open sharing of valuable resources results in an incredibly diverse collection of professionally crowdsourced resources at the fingertips of every educator worldwide - fostering equity to ultimately improve student outcomes and well-being.

Educators share links to free and open resources on CUBE. With now over 113,000 resources and a collaborative space for more than 35,000 users, CUBE has come an educator’s free,  one-stop solution for free and open teaching resources.  From subject and grade-specific curriculum resources, teaching tips and strategies, tech tips, special education, and other support resources to a wide variety of media types - CUBE has brought educators together, sharing what has worked for them in their classrooms.  

To best support educators, there is an open search bar on CUBE’s front page. Similar to a Google search, you can refine your search with target keywords.

There are many costly resources being offered to educators, schools, and districts. Given the current landscape of depleting funds across education systems compounded by the impact of learning loss and well-being supports required as a result of the pandemic, why not first look to CUBE to see if there are shared (open and free) resources that meet your needs?

Here is just a sample of resources found on CUBE:

Interactives/Manipulatives - This public CUBE Collection by user @MathOntario is chock full of open virtual tools such as this protractor tool and this interactive game. (Math/Science)

Cosmic Eye - This YouTube video zooms through all well-known scales of the universe from minuscule elementary particles out to the gigantic cosmic web. (Science)

Special Education - Melody Barton is an educator on CUBE who continues to share a wealth of resources that can be found on her profile page.

Black History Resources  - This public Cube Collection of resources celebrates Black History and can be used across all subject areas.

In light of equity and the drive to improve student success and well-being, we hope you share this growing and valuable resource with staff and colleagues.

Wishing you continued success,

Sue Kwiecien
Cube Profile