March 2019 Highlighted Educator

Every month, Cube For Teachers highlights an educator on Cube that is recognized for their ongoing collaboration, helping other educators by sharing and curating effective teaching resources.

This month's highlighted educator is Emily Clarke (eoclarke), a Faculty of Education students who has already shared over 250 valuable resources to educators within the Cube community.

We recently asked Emily a few questions. This is what she had to share...

Can you tell our education community a bit about yourself?

Emily: "I am currently in my final year of the Concurrent Education program at Lakehead University Orillia, where I will receive my Honours Bachelors of Arts and Science, majoring in English and a Bachelor of Education (P/J). I look forward to beginning my career in the Simcoe County area, where I grew up and attended school."

When it comes to education, what are you passionate about?

Emily: "Over the past (almost) 5 years, I have grown and developed certain passions in education such as Environmental Education and Mathematics. Following current events, I have become passionate about Environmental Sustainability, and how educators can foster this understanding and stewardship in students, at a young age. I have also always had an interest in Mathematics, especially considering the emphasis being placed on the subject in the province of Ontario."

Is there a new frontier in education you are gearing up to explore?

Emily:  "I looking for ideas as to how to incorporate Environmental Education into other areas of the classroom."

What benefit would you bring to another Cube follower? (i.e. What kinds of resources do you most often share?)

Emily: "I believe users who are currently in the Faculty of Education could benefit from the resources I share as I provide a variety of resources, from grade levels K-12. My links are extremely accessible as they are organized into a variety of different folders, for future use."

Is there a Cube folder you would like us to highlight?

Emily: "The Cube folder I am particularly proud of is the Environmental Education folder. I have enjoyed finding these resources as it has strengthened my own understanding of the topic. I think these resources are extremely useful for educators who are both passionate about the topic and still learning."

What kinds (topic) of resources are you currently searching for?

Emily: "As a new educator, I am always interested in finding resources to use as a Supply teacher. I look for resources that are primarily engaging, and that are suitable for a variety of different age groups. As well as resources pertaining to Environmental Stewardship and Mathematics!"

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Cube Team