January 2019 Highlighted Educator

Every month, Cube For Teachers highlights an educator on Cube that is recognized for their ongoing collaboration, helping other educators by sharing and curating effective teaching resources.

As we welcome in 2019, it brings with it an excitement of new beginnings and fresh ideas. We are highlighting Helen DeWaard as January's Educator the Month in recognition of her innovative ideas, ongoing collaboration and leadership to support and empower all educators.

We recently asked Helen a few questions. This is what she had to share...

Can you tell our education community a bit about yourself?

Helen: "I am a teacher. Currently I teach at the higher education level but have experience at the elementary level with a focus on special education and technology. I'm an educator, leader, designer of digital learning spaces and creator of digital learning events. In my teaching I model being a life-wide learner. I collect, curate and connect my work, learning, teaching and wondering to benefit my students. Thinking about teaching and learning with technologies, media and all things digital keeps me working and wandering. Consider this part of my curriculum and my vitae! In the words of John Dewey, "Education is not preparation for life: education is life itself". Here is my education in life. From personal experience, just as every mountain you face, can be climbed when you take it one step at a time."

When it comes to education, what are you passionate about?

Helen: "I am passionate about digital literacy, digital citizenship, digital storytelling, media education, educational technology, advocating for equity in learning, universal design for learning, and open educational practices."

Is there a new frontier in education you are gearing up to explore?

Helen: "I'm gearing up to explore AR/VR applications to digital storytelling, the integration of UNESCO Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in education, and the need for digital/media literacy instruction in Faculties of Education in Canada."

What benefit would you bring to another Cube follower? (i.e. What kinds of resources do you most often share?)

Helen: "...digital tools, resources, media, critical digital literacies."

Is there a Cube folder you would like us to highlight?

Helen: "Media Literacy - This folder is a collection of resources that focus on media literacy skills."

What resources are you currently searching for?

Helen: "I continue to search for educational technology resources of all kinds that focus on critical analysis rather than rapid adoption - those that make me consider the 'why' rather than the 'what' or 'how' of ed tech tools."

Is there anything else you would like us to highlight?

Helen: "My course web sites are a curated collection of resources and links relating to Media and Digital Literacy (MDL4000) and Critical Digital Literacy (3932CDL). Cube users are welcome to use these sites for self directed learning or just finding information about certain topics relevant to media and digital literacies."

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Cube Team