Our Newest Topic Area Has Just Been Released!

Firstly, we’d like to welcome the hundreds of new users who have recently joined Cube for Teachers. We are Ontario’s only curriculum-based social bookmarking community designed exclusively for the Ontario educator.

Here’s what’s new!

A third platform within Cube for Teachers has just been released whereby teachers can now share non-curriculum resource links to various topics including:

Teaching strategies
Classroom management
Assessment and evaluation
Effective ways of integrating technology
Student engagement
Anti-bullying resources
Education trends
First-day teaching resources
Special event/holiday resources
And more….

This new topic area is called “Other Teaching Resources” and sits between the two existing topic areas: “Curriculum-Based Resources” and “Tools and Technology”.

With “Other Teaching Resources”, teachers now have an organized platform to effectively store, search and save links to all their non-curricular teaching resources which include websites, blogs, videos, apps, infographics, etc.

A quick note to Ontario educators who write blogs:

Adding your blog links your way will ensure that users who search for you will effectively retrieve your web resources. As an example, be sure to add your name somewhere in the entry so that teachers can search for you by name and have your blog entries appear in a quick, organized search return.


The Administrative Team