Cube for Teachers Launches “Groups”

Cube for Teachers is an exciting new free website which allows Ontario K-12 teachers to be truly collaborative in preparing their students for the 21st century.

As many teachers across the province have already discovered, Cube for Teachers allows teachers to search for, share, and save links to internet resources which will help them meet the needs of their students.

And now, Cube for Teachers has introduced a powerful new feature: Groups. Teachers across the province can now invite other teachers to form professional learning networks (PLNs) inside Cube for Teachers.

The Groups feature within Cube for Teachers can be used:

a) to share resources
b) to share teaching ideas
c) for professional development
d) as a forum for discussions on important educational topics

Various Ways Educators Can Use the Groups Feature:

1. Ontario teachers can now connect with others throughout the province on specific topics or other areas of interest.
2. School departments can collaborate on resources for various courses.
3. School administrators can invite their staff to form groups for professional development.
4. Subject Council members can share ideas, resource links and next steps.
5. Administrators can form PLNs with other administrators.
6. School Family representatives can support each other and share ideas.
7. Faculties of Education instructors can establish networks for their teacher candidates to share ideas, resource links, and support each other.
8. New teachers (NTIP) can offer support and ideas for each other.
9. Teachers can form groups to continue collaborating after an in-service.
10. The Groups Feature helps make Cube for Teachers the one-stop shop for Ontario teachers to collaborate!

Remember that The Cube is a secure community designed exclusively for Ontario educators.  Teachers can search for, share, and save links based on grade, course, strand, and expectations based on the Ontario Curriculum.

We welcome all Ontario K-12 teachers to register with Cube For Teachers and try our latest feature!


The Administrative Team