3 Non-Fiction Story Apps

by Rochelle Tkach, OCT



Looking for apps that focus on reading?  This blog highlights three non-fiction story apps recently shared in Cube for Teachers.

One Minute Reader App: Fluency, Vocabulary, & Comprehension App!

The One Minute Reader app offers a fantastic digital platform for students to improve their reading fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. It is designed with 6 different levels for students to work between and read a variety of non-fiction books. I would generally recommend this app for grades 3-6, but it can definitely be used in other grades depending on your students’ reading levels. The app has a placement feature that helps teachers determine where students fall within the One Minute Reader levels. After students have been placed, this app calculates students’ initial fluency by timing how many words they can read from a story in one minute. The app then scaffolds students to build their fluency by reading along with the app and practicing vocabulary. The app provides immediate feedback to show how well students improved after practice. One Minute Reader further builds students’ comprehension by asking 3-4 questions after the story. There is also a great reward system built into One Minute Reader! This app has been shared into the Cube for Teachers database as a curriculum resource for Language Arts. To read the full review of One Minute Reader, go to Teaching with EdTech blog.

News-O-Matic App: The Daily Newspaper just for Kids!  

News-O-Matic is a daily newspaper just for kids! It is a fantastic app to enhance global literacy because students are reading age appropriate non-fiction articles about events happening all over the globe. Daily, there are 5 new articles for students to interact with and read. The app goes beyond just text on an iPad screen. Students can tap difficult words to hear a definition. They can click the “Read to Me” option to differentiate their own instruction. The app further provides a picture slideshow and video for every article to make the experience multi-modal and interactive. A fantastic feature of the app is the little globe in the corner that students can click. This globe takes students to the place in the world where the article is situated in. This is such a great way for students to learn about simple facts from around the globe and provide some context for the article they are reading. News-O-Matic further has a school app (as shown above) where teachers can track students’ progress of what articles they have read and how well they did with the multiple choice questions at the end of each article. I have shared the News-O-Matic app as a curriculum resource for Language Arts in the Cube for Teachers database. Discover more about News-O-Matic on their webpage.

HMH Readers APP


HMH Readers is another fantastic app for students to practice reading on the iPad. This app has a variety of leveled books and the option to sort books based on your students’ current grade level. Once you know the leveled books that fall under your students’ grade level, you can then sort them by this level to discover even more books. This app provides a variety of non-fiction and fiction stories for students to read. The app has built-in features to differentiate instruction such as a “Read to Me” option. HMH Readers further provide a glossary at the end of books to help build students’ vocabulary. Many of the books also have extension activities at the end of the book that students can complete to expand their understanding and demonstrate their comprehension of the text. I have recently shared the HMH Readers app as a curriculum resource for grades K-6 Language Arts in the Cube for Teachers database. Discover more about HMH Readers on their webpage.

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