Data Management Resources

Data Management ResourcesEach week, Cube For Teachers sifts through hundreds of intermediate level math resources and bundles a select few favs into easy to follow collections so parents and guardians can better support their children’s understanding and proficiency in mathematics.

This particular bundle of resources focuses on Data Management (Stem and Leaf Plots as well as Mean, Median and Mode) and is organized into 3 parts:

1) Support materials (videos, interactive games)
2) Testing your knowledge
3) Challenging your thinking and next steps 

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Highlighted Math Support Resource on ORDER OF OPERATIONS

Each week, Cube For Teachers highlights a different math resource for parents and educators to support their learners at the intermediate level. Read more.

This week’s support resource focuses on ORDER OF OPERATIONS at the intermediate level.

This grade 7 resource is from Learn Alberta. Students will work through a series of guided interactive questions to reinforce their skills when evaluating expressions applying the rules of BEDMAS.

Stay tuned, as new support materials will be highlighted each week.


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