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Data Management ResourcesEach week, Cube For Teachers sifts through hundreds of intermediate level math resources and bundles a select few favs into easy to follow collections so parents and guardians can better support their children’s understanding and proficiency in mathematics.

This particular bundle of resources focuses on Data Management (Stem and Leaf Plots as well as Mean, Median and Mode) and is organized into 3 parts:

1) Support materials (videos, interactive games)
2) Testing your knowledge
3) Challenging your thinking and next steps 

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Gamify & Digitize Math!

by Rochelle Tkach, OCT


I recently shared the following Mathematics resources into the Cube for Teachers database under ‘Curriculum Resources’:

1) Prodigy
2) Digitize Math Manipulatives
3) Playpower

Are YOU Ready to Make Math Magical? Try Prodigy!

What student doesn’t like wizards, duels, rewards, and challenges? With over 1.5 million student users and growing, Prodigy has designed an engaging and meaningful way to gamify math for students. While students play Prodigy, they will have to duel against other players (other computer players not other students). The duel means that students are required to solve a math problem. Prodigy has a database of over 300 curriculum aligned math questions that target grades 1 through to 8. Furthermore, teachers can choose specific math questions to include in the game and assess students on these concepts without them even knowing they are being assessed. It all just seems like a game! Prodigy includes other features to differentiate instruction based on individual students, inform teachers based on data driven assessment, provide scaffolding throughout the game, and engage students through fun reward systems. Read the full review of Prodigy on my Teaching with EdTech blog!

Digitize Math Manipulatives!

Why not combine hands-on activities with the digital world? Clarity Innovations has created a set of free high quality math manipulatives for the Math Learning Center. These apps still provide the visual/symbolic representations of math concepts that traditional manipulatives have for years. However, now with the math manipulative apps, educators can support the unique learning needs of students today in the 21st century! Furthermore all of these math manipulatives have a whiteboard feature built in. This means students can not only use the digital manipulatives, but they can further write numbers, equations, or explanations of their thinking as they work with the manipulatives. Read the full review about these high quality math manipulative apps on my Teaching with EdTech blog!

1, 2, 3…BLAST OFF to the Math Planet App by Playpower!

Playpower is an organization that creates many high quality math education apps for grades 1-8. Playpower has really jumped on the trend of gamification in learning to make math more meaningful and fun for students. Math Planet was developed by experts at Carnegie Mellon University and has been tested across hundreds of classrooms to improve and enhance the richness of math learning. It has also won many awards! This app provides a gamified learning environment to learn many math concepts in a virtual outer space. The strands Math Planet focuses on include: Number Sense and Numeration, Geometry, and Measurement! With 9 different games and over 100+ levels, math planet makes a great addition to reinforce important math concepts. Read the full review of Playpower’s Math Planet app on my Teaching with EdTech blog.

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