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Welcome to Cube Communities.

As many teachers across Ontario have already discovered, Cube for Teachers has quickly become the most exciting new website where Ontario teachers meet to collaborate to meet the needs of the 21st century learner.

Cube for Teachers allows teachers to search for, save, and share links to Internet resources based on the Ontario Curriculum. Teachers can use a powerful search engine to search for resources based on Grade, Subject, Course, Strand, and Expectation.

The exciting news is Cube for Teachers has recently introduced a Groups Feature!  Teachers can now form professional learning networks to which they can invite other teachers to join. Within the groups, teachers can share resources and participate in discussions on various educational topics.

To introduce teachers to the Groups Feature, we have created “Cube Communities”. These communities are groups based on a common theme. Our first Cube Communities include:

Tools and Technology for Teachers
Interactive Math Resources
Neat Science Links
Kindergarten Resources and Idea Sharing

To become part of Cube’s expanding free educational communities, simply click on the communities above.

See you in The Cube.

Sam Mercurio,
Cube for Teachers Admin


Tools and Technology Has Just Arrived!

Great News! Cube for Teachers is expanding! We have added Tools and Technology to the list of topics for teachers to explore.

Originally released in October 2011, Cube for Teachers is a social bookmarking and collaborative community in which teachers can share, search for, and store, links to valuable online resources that will help them meet the needs of their students.

Any member of the Cube for Teachers community can anonymously add a favourite link to the resource bank. As more and more teachers add links, Cube for Teachers will become a one-stop-shop for Ontario teachers looking for Internet resources.

Cube for Teachers is unique and truly cutting edge technology. It brings Ontario educators together to collaborate and share resources. Why reinvent the wheel when other teachers have shared resources that they have found useful for the classroom?

Now Cube for Teachers has become even more valuable! With the addition of the Tools and Technology topic, teachers can search for tools such as Audio Tools, Collaborative Tools, Math Tools and Video Tools. Simply click on “Topic” and select “Tools and Technology”.

If you haven’t already registered, what are you waiting for? Cube for Teachers can save hours of your valuable time and enrich the experience of your students. If you are already a member, check out the new Tools and Technology topic, and start sharing links. The more teachers share their resources, the more powerful this new technology will become.

Happy Searching!

The Administrative Team