3 Must-Have Apps for Any Subject!

by Rochelle Tkach, OCT


As a teacher in the 21st century, it is extremely difficult to sift through all of the EdTech apps, software, and websites. Thanks to Cube for Teachers, searching for resources is quick and easy as teachers continue to share their favourite web resources into the collaborative database.

It has become apparent that school boards are really looking for apps that are cost effective and can be used across disciplines. After reflecting on this notion, I have narrowed down three must-have apps to use in any subject that have recently been shared in Cube for Teachers.

Create. Interact. Share. Educreations Interactive Whiteboard App!

Educreations is an interactive whiteboard for students to use on tablets. Much like a SMART Board, Educreations is a learning platform that enhances the multi-modal features of touch-based technologies. However, as an app, Educreations allows individual or small groups of students to personalize work from tablets. Students are able to upload pictures, label concepts, write thoughts with ink tools, record thinking or communicating in groups, and share work through links or emails. Educreations further allows for multiple slides within the app so that students can expand their work beyond one screen of a tablet. Educreations can essentially be a digital platform for students to work on in any discipline. It is not a content specific app so students can complete anything from a science lesson to a math lesson through this app. To read more about how Educreations can be used in your next lesson, read the full iPad app review on Teaching with EdTech blog.

Engage. Assess. Digitize. Socrative!


Socrative is a virtual response system, which is designed between two apps. There is a student view and a teacher view. The teacher view allows teachers to assess students in different ways. Educators are able to formatively assess students throughout a lesson by choosing the Quick Question system. The Quick Question option allows for on the spot polling. This means that students would enter their classroom on the student Socrative app and respond through multiple choice, true or false, or short answer. The type of question students answer depends on what the teacher has selected. Socrative also has the feature for teachers to create their own quizzes through the teacher app. Overall, this app is a valuable teaching tool for educators since it is able to assess students on any knowledge across disciplines. To read more about how Socrative can enhance your assessment practices, read the full iPad app review on Teaching with EdTech blog.

Students DITCH the Pen & Pencil with Penzu Classroom!

Penzu’s simplicity is easy for any teacher to begin incorporating digital tools into the classroom. This app offers a digital platform for students to write journal entries and add “paper clip” pictures to their digital entry. Penzu looks like a simple piece of lined paper (much like the ones in school notebooks) where students can type their journal responses instead of writing with pencil and paper. This simple interaction with a digital tool is usually enough to hook and motivate the current generation of students. Penzu can further be used across disciplines and is not a content specific app. It is an extremely versatile app since journal writing is a teaching method that can be incorporated into any subject. To read the more about how Penzu can reinvent journal writing for your students, read the full iPad app review on Teaching with EdTech blog.

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