This Month’s Highlighted Educator: Doug Peterson

November 2018 Highlighted Educator

Every month, Cube For Teachers highlights an educator that is recognized for their ongoing collaboration, helping other educators by sharing and curating effective teaching resources.

Doug Peterson is well known across the education community throughout Ontario, Canada. His passion for learning, collaborating, sharing and supporting learners has earned him great respect among educators far and wide. Now retired from the classroom, Doug continues to be a leader in education.  It is for this reason we are recognizing Doug Peterson as November’s educator of the month.

A bit about Doug Peterson…

Doug is currently the President of the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario. He started in education as a Business/Computer Science teacher and then moved on to the role of Computers in the Classroom Teacher Consultant with the Greater Essex County District School Board. Doug has also taught the Computer Studies Additional Qualification course at the University of Windsor. He has also worked with a number of professional organizations like ECOO, OBEA, MACUL, CSTA, OTF Curriculum Forum, Western RCAC and others over the years. He often blogs at

We recently asked Doug a few questions. Here is what he had to share.

When it comes to education, what are you passionate about?

Doug: “We live and work in a globally connected world. Of that, there can be no doubt. But, at times, it’s easy to overlook the fact that Ontario education is second to none. My real passion lies in recognizing this and helping to acknowledge the amazing things and professional learning that happens daily.”

Is there a new frontier in education you are gearing up to explore? 

Doug: “I’m not sure that “gearing up” is something that describes this but I’m fascinated with the concept of Blockchain and how it may apply to education. Every time I think that I’m getting my head around it, my head explodes.

Over 90 weeks ago, Stephen Hurley and I started a voicEd radio show called “This Week in Ontario Edublogs” based upon my weekly blog post. It’s interesting to see a transition from a blog post to live, interactive radio. Of course, all of the shows are archived as podcasts here.”

What benefit would you bring to another Cube follower? (i.e. What kinds of resources do you most often share?)

Doug: “Is random a benefit? I curate lots of different things. I’ve always maintained that keeping your own curations will benefit you in the long run. Instead of starting anew when searching for things, I typically start with things I’ve already found and tucked away. It’s a personal approach to a search engine, if you will.”

What resources are you currently searching for?

Doug: “I really look for resources that show forward thinking from progressive educators and technologists. Computer Science, in particular, has always been a special interest for me. Privacy, Security, and cutting edge technology is always of personal interest.”

Is there anything else you would like us to highlight?

Doug: “I’ve been a long time Cube user. I still remember the first iteration of the software and meeting Sue for the first time. I am happy now that Sue has included me in the testing phase for the browser extension. That’s made a huge difference in the way that I use the Cube. It’s exciting when I find that I can suggest a new feature.”

Doug’s Digital Selfie:

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