This Month’s Highlighted Educators: Megan Glass and Shauna Burnie

July 2018 Highlighted Educators

Every month, Cube For Teachers highlights an educator that is recognized for their ongoing collaboration, helping other educators by sharing and curating effective teaching resources.

This month’s recognized educators on Cube For Teachers are Megan Glass (mmglass) and Shauna Burnie (shaunaburnie) who have each provided educators with an endless supply of valuable teaching resources that focus on subject areas at the elementary level. Both Megan and Shauna are currently teacher candidates from Faculties of Education and Cube Interns.  Cube For Teachers offers internship opportunities to teacher candidates from around the world. 

We asked Megan and Shauna a few questions. Here’s what they shared…

Who is Megan Glass?

“I am currently a professional year student at Lakehead University in the concurrent Honours Bachelor of Arts and Science and Bachelor of Education program. I am an aspiring teacher and I enjoy helping students learn.”

Who is Shauna Burnie?

“I am just finishing up my fifth year at Lakehead University Orillia to receive my Honours Bachelor of Arts and Science and Bachelor of Education at the Primary Junior level. I am passionate about education, and moving on to do my two-year Masters Degree in Education this coming fall.”

When it comes to education, what are you passionate about?

Megan: “I am passionate about incorporating technology into the classroom. Technology not only keeps students engaged and interested in a lesson, it also provides students with the necessary technological skills they can take with them outside of the classroom. I am also passionate about learning the different ways that students learn. I make it my mission to find the different environments, teaching styles, activities, presentations, etc. that help students to learn better and adapt these methods into my teaching.”

Shauna: “Mental health. 100%. Without a body of mentally flourishing individuals, education cannot occur. We must take care of the mind before we take care of the brain.”

Is there a new frontier in education you are gearing up to explore?

Megan: “Post graduation, I will be focusing on graduate studies in the Masters of Education program at Lakehead University.”

Shauna: “Last year I completed my thesis on the lack of mental health initiatives in postsecondary institutions, particularly satellite campuses. There is a critical need for improvement in order for both the institution and the student body to thrive together as a whole. We need to take care of our future professionals in order to ensure a healthy community.”

What benefit would you bring to another Cube follower?

Megan: “The majority of my shared links are Science resources. To date, I have shared hundreds of resources on Cube – bringing all my findings to one location to share with others.”

Shauna: “The benefit that I would bring to another Cube follower is providing a variety of resources that teachers can use in their K-12 classrooms such as lesson plan ideas, activities, technology, and articles for PD.”

Do you have Cube folders we can share with the global community of educators?

Megan: “My Science folders are chalk full of resources. It contains websites and applications that can be integrated into science lessons and engage students in meaningful learning. I also recommend accessing my Science Apps and Science Lessons folders as well.

Shauna: “Tech Tools to Tinker With – This folder highlights technology that teachers can bring into the classroom for students to use for their own benefit but also for teachers to use to create lessons and activities.

What resources are you currently searching for?

Megan: “I am currently searching for grade 3 resources. I would love to find some great math resources that provide lesson ideas, activity ideas, or applications that would make learning math more engaging.  As well, I am always looking for resources that help prepare students for EQAO.”

Shauna: “Technology, writing tools, math resources.”

Is there anything else you would like us to highlight?

Megan: “Cube for Teachers started out as an internship placement for a media course I am taking but now I would say that Cube for Teachers means more to me than that. The profile page is a great way to showcase to future employers the type of teacher I plan to be and the creative ways I plan on incorporating technology into the classroom. My profile has become a professional digital persona that I am proud to share with other educators. All of the important teaching resources that I have collected are permanently saved and easily accessible from anywhere. Also, Cube For Teachers has been most helpful when completing my assignments and creating lesson plans in my past placement. Whenever I plan on incorporating educational technology into the classroom, I consult the Cube to access their never ending reputable resources. The apps, websites, lesson plans, and activities have enhanced my assignments and lessons in ways that I never knew were possible. I will always be a Cube user and cannot wait to use it in my future teaching career.”

Shauna:  ”It has been a pleasure doing my internship with Cube For Teachers. It has opened my eyes to a variety of different resources as well as a way to organize my own resources through the addition of folders with the beta version. I hope to continue to expand my PLN as I meet more educators through Cube.”

Stay connected on Cube for Teachers and be sure to follow Megan Glass (mmglass) and Shauna Burnie (shaunaburnie) for additional resources.

On behalf of all educators in search of valuable resources, thank you, Megan and Shauna!

Do you know of a Cube user that should be recognized for their ongoing collaboration?

Send us a email and tell us more.

Cube Team

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