This Month’s Highlighted Educator: Heather Hickey

May 2018 Hghlighted Educator

Every month, Cube For Teachers highlights an educator that is recognized for their ongoing collaboration, helping other educators by sharing and curating effective teaching resources.

This month’s recognized educator on Cube for Teachers is Heather Hickey (MissHickey) who has shared numerous resources on Cube pertaining to STEM, digital templates and numerous resources that support elementary classrooms.

We asked Heather a few questions. Here’s what she had to share…

Who is Heather Hickey?

“I am an elementary teacher with a passion for international teaching, inquiry, STEM and all things to get kids excited about learning.”

Is there a new frontier in education you are gearing up to explore?

“I am really excited to be exploring deeper STEM activities with junior students. I am keen to get students excited with challenges in this area while Integrating metacognition activities with the students and have them thinking deeply about the process of design and inquiry.”

What benefit would you bring to another Cube follower?

“I often make use of digital templates and Hyperdocs with my students. I have them reflect and articulate how learning happens for them while exploring and collaborating how learning happens for others. Students use many of these templates and Hyperdocs to archive some of their selected works and reflections as parts of digital portfolios. I post many of these templates in my folders in Cube.”

Do you have Cube folders we can share with the global community of educators?

HYPERDOCS templates, reflection and metacognition and digital portfolios.”

What resources are you currently searching for?

“Stem challenges.”

Is there anything else you would like us to highlight?

“In a world where education is a gift we should join our each other as educators and share and explore others resources, together we can grow education. Let’s make a world where teachers help teachers.“

Stay connected on Cube for Teachers and be sure to follow Heather Hickey (MissHickey) for additional resources.

On behalf of all educators in search of valuable resources, thank you, Heather!

Do you know of a Cube user that should be recognized for their ongoing collaboration?

Send us a email and tell us more.

Cube Team

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