This Month’s Highlighted Educator: Kyle Pearce

August 2018 Highlighted Educator

Every month, Cube For Teachers highlights an educator that is recognized for their ongoing collaboration, helping other educators by sharing and curating effective teaching resources.

This month’s recognized educator on Cube For Teachers is Kyle Pearce (MathletePearce) who is considered one of Canada’s education leaders surrounding modern pedagogy for mathematics.

A bit about Kyle Pearce…

Kyle is the K-12 Mathematics Consultant with the Greater Essex County District School Board, where his passion for mathematics fuels him to uncover creative ways to spark curiosity and fuel sense-making through the inquiry process using tasks that are contextual, visual and concrete. When he is not working on the next media-rich contextual math task, he is spending time with his wife and two children. He shares his most recent noticings, wonderings, reflections and resources in mathematics content knowledge and pedagogy by delivering workshops across North America and blogging on Tap Into Teen Minds, Math Is Visual, and  Twitter (@MathletePearce).

We recently asked Kyle a few questions. Here is what he had to share.

When it comes to education, what are you passionate about?

“Sparking curiosity in math class by using context, visuals and making math concrete.”

Is there a new frontier in education you are gearing up to explore? 

“I absolutely believe that everyone can be confident and proficient in mathematics if we continually spark student curiosity and help fuel their sense-making.”

What benefit would you bring to another Cube follower? (ex what kinds of resources do you most often share)

“3 act math tasks such as those found at Tap Into Teen Minds – 3 Act Math Tasks, math visual animations such as those on Math Is Visual and much more!”

Tap Into Teen Minds

Math Is VIsual About Page Header

Do you have Cube folders we can share with the global community of educators?

Real World 3 Act Math Tasks. This is a folder of 3 act math tasks that provide an opportunity for teachers to spark student curiosity and fuel their sense-making. 

Cube For Teachers

Stay “Cube Connected” on Cube For Teachers and be sure to follow Kyle Pearce (MathletePearce) for additional resources.

Do you have a favorite educator on Cube sharing resources that you’d like to recommendi for one of our upcoming blogs?  Send us a email and tell us more.

Cube Team

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