Useful Coding Activities For Your Classroom

Coding has become quite the buzz word in education. Whether you are new to coding or a veteran, the Cubed links listed below contain a variety of coding activities for all learners.

1. contains activities organized by grade, subject and level of coding experience.

2. Teacher-Led Hour of Code Lesson Plans curated one-hour teacher-led lesson and activity plans designed for different subject areas for Hour of Code veterans.

3. Code Studio contains self-paced courses for students from ages 4 to18.

4. CS Unplugged has free activities that teach Computer Science through engaging games and puzzles without technology.

5. A guide to creative computing created by ‘ScratchEd’ and Harvard fosters computational thinking through using ideas, strategies, and activities.

6. Made with Code inspires girls to engage in projects with code.  This resource contains activities and step-by-step instructions.

7. Tynker offers a selection of free coding activities for k-6 to develop basic computational thinking and programming skills.

8. Code Monster, Code Maven, and Game Maven are interactive tutorials where kids and adults can play with code, experiment, build, and learn.

9. Raspberry Pi  offers a variety of activities for beginner and intermediate level programmers. These activities require the Raspberry Pi device.

Cube for Teachers now has over 44,000 shared educational resources by teachers – all sharing their favourites links into one collaborative space.

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