iPad App Reviews: Sesame, Kids Discover, MyBlee

by Rochelle T


This week’s blog includes three apps I’ve recently shared inside Cube for Teachers:

1) Sesame: Assessment app
2) Kids Discover: A collection of Social Studies and Science apps
3) MyBlee: Mathematics app

1) iPad app Review for Assessment: Sesame

::Desktop:sesame.pngSesame provides K-12 educators with a smarter way to communicate, capture, organize, and plan assessment. Sesame allows educators to organize their assessment documentation based on classes and then individual students. Through the Sesame Snap app, teachers can then take pictures, videos, and make accompanying notes on students’ progress. In the sesame website, educators are able to then easily create assessment tools by choosing pre-made criteria that aligns with the curriculum (i.e., Ontario or Alberta curriculum). These assessment tools will then show up in the app where teachers can assess students’ work based on the curriculum expectations they are teaching. The reason this app is such an important and useful tool for educators is because formative assessment measures that focus on students’ progress rather than their products are so valued in 21st century education. Sesame is a powerful 21st century tool. Read the full review of Sesame at the Teaching with EdTech blog.

2) iPad App Review for Social Studies and Science: Kids Discover

Kids Discover is a great app to enhance science and social studies lessons. Each app focuses on a single non-fiction subject. These apps are extremely interactive and provide developmentally appropriate reading, videos and activities. I would highly recommend these apps for grades 4 to 6 as they align well with the Ontario curriculum expectations for these grades. Some features include: HD images and videos, 360º virtual tours, scrollable animations, and audio narration. Read the full review of Kids Discover at the Teaching with EdTech blog.

3) iPad App Review for Mathematics: MyBlee

MyBlee is an effective app to promote self-directed learning in mathematics. I have used this app for the past two years with the student I tutor and highly recommend it. Some of the quality features MyBlee has to offer include: individual student profiling, specific lessons on key concepts within math strands, built in scaffolds, immediate feedback, multi-modal interactivity, and motivating reward systems. Read the full review of MyBlee at the Teaching with EdTech blog.

Rochelle Tkach is a graduate student in the Masters of Education program at Brock University. Her research interests focus on how educational technology can enhance students’ 21st century skills in science, language arts, and literacy. Rochelle is also working as an Elementary Occasional Teacher for the District School Board of Niagara (DSBN). She is currently completing an internship with the DSBN/Brock Educational Research and Innovation Hub and the start-up edtech company, Cube for Teachers. Follow her @RochelleTkach on Twitter.

Cube for Teachers is a community of educators sharing their favourite web resources into a free curriculum-aligned database.

For more information contact Cube for Teachers at info@cubeforteachers.com.

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