iPad App Reviews: App Ninjas, Toontastic, BrainPop

by Rochelle Tkach


I have recently shared the following Innovative Mobile Apps into the Cube for Teachers database under Curriculum Resources.

1) App Ninjas! Emergent Literacy and Basic Numbers
2) Toontastic by Launchpad Toys
3) BrainPop


1) App Ninjas! Emergent Literacy and Basic Numbers

Have you ever heard of a little game called Fruit Ninja? Innovative Mobile Apps have come out with the cleverest apps to support emergent literacy and basic number sense. Three of their apps including an alphabet app, sight word app, and number apps have a similar design as Fruit Ninja! I really believe that these apps not only provide a rich learning experience to work on emergent literacy skills, but they are further designed on a platform that speaks to the digital learner. Read the full iPad App Review on my Teaching with EdTech Blog.

2) Toontastic by Launchpad Toys

Toontastic is fantastic! This app provides educators with a unique way to teach creative writing. There are many curriculum expectations in Language Arts that could be taught through this app. Basically, Toontastic provides a fun and engaging way for students to draw, animate, and share their stories. Find out my top reasons for why you should incorporate Toontastic into your next writing lesson by reading the full iPad App Review on my Teaching with EdTech Blog.

3) BrainPop

BrainPop is one of my favourite educational websites/apps that I keep in my supply teacher backpack! BrainPop provides many educational videos and games for a wide variety of subject areas in K-12 education. I believe BrainPop makes for a great hook to many units or specific lessons. BrainPop has an app for K-3 classrooms called BrainPop Jr. and an app for older grades called BrainPop. BrainPop further has a French and ESL app! Read the full iPad App Review on my Teaching with EdTech Blog.

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